No + sangre Tj
The Committee “No Más Sangre, Tijuana”,  is part of a national movement in Mexico, which was recently formed to stop the war against the Mexican people disguised as a “War on Drugs”. This war has caused the deaths of almost 40,000 people in this country in less than four years, many of them executed by the military and the police, and many others just considered  by the government as “collateral damage”, caught in the crossfire. There is no end in sight to this violence.

It is clear to us that the “War on Drugs” and the “War against Terrorism”, both headed by the US government around the world, are really  wars against us, the workers and oppressed, not only in Mexico, but in the US and in every other country. It is also evident that the true purpose of the “war on drugs” is not no control the drug trade, but to continue imposing on society an unjust system of production and distribution of wealth that only benefits the rich. The goals of the US government’s wars are geopolitical and economic. No wonder why the countries with most US military presence are the biggest drug producers. Now US politicians are saying that México is a “failed state”, and are talking about sending troops here. We say US Imperialists Out! The biggest drug dealers can be found in Washington and in Wall Street. US bankers and financial institutions are the main beneficiaries of the illegalization of drugs.

Tortures, disappearances, executions and murders cannot become part of our “normal” daily life. That is why we have gathered together to say enough! and that is why we are going to take the streets starting on May 5th, ending with a national march to the Mexican capital on May 8th, demanding an end to the war, the legalization of all drugs, the removal of the puppet president Calderón, and the expulsion of US government agents and “advisers”.


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